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Tips on Staying Safe During the Hurricane Season

We are well into the hurricane season and by now you should have already started preparing or should be prepared and ready!  Careful planning and execution ensures that you remain safe during this perilous time. …

What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Storm

Hurricanes. Tropical Storms. Bad Weather to Ruin Plans. Whatever you want to call it, as Caribbean people we’re all familiar with this time of year! Planning for a potential hurricane can be stressful, but following…

Massy United Insurance Supports Families in St. Thomas

Massy United Insurance recently donated JM$500,000 in care packages to families in St. Thomas.  Sister company, Massy Gas also provided $75,000 in vouchers to assist with the purchase of GasPro cooking gas.  These families with…

Put away the luggage! And then what?

Author: Trudy Bellamy – Marketing Specialist – Financial Services Line of Business Summer 2020.  Great plans in the making!  Destination chosen.  Attractions googled.  Hotels, Air BnB, Flights and car rental companies investigated and earmarked.  We…

The New Normal

As business re-opens, the world prepares to usher in ‘The New Normal’. This refers to the operational framework set up to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the workplace. In order to truly comprehend the…

Dedicated to Dad

Ingrid Louis, Underwriter – Regional Department It didn’t take writing this article for me to remember my father, but as I began writing I couldn’t help but reminisce on my father and perhaps what was the…

Hurricane Preparedness During COVID-19

By Mechael Simon – Record Management Assistant at MUI Brace yourselves, storms are brewing. The first of June marks the beginningof the hurricane season, something no doubt you’ve known since childhood. Thearea of the world…

A Message from Our CEO – 2020 Hurricane Season

5 Qualities of a Distinguished Driver

COVID-19 Updates